Hi there!!! My name is Madi Jones! I am so happy you stopped by to read about me! I have lived in Oklahoma my whole life, and take so much pride in where I'm from! I am completely in love with my little family, and I talk about them a little too much! I use exclamation points like crazy because I cannot contain my excitment...or maybe it's all that caffeine in my system, who knows?! On top of loving coffee I am obsessed with Thai food. I could eat it every dang day. I am 100% a crazy cat lady(I adore dogs, too, don't worry!) But let's get away from all these random facts...



My whole life I've always known I wanted to be a part of something in the arts so here I am! I actually have a degree in music business and performance. I love music just as much as I love photography...which is a TON. On top of photographing wonderful couples I shoot live shows at The Jones Assembly in OKC. Being able to combine my two passions is seriously a dream! When it comes down to it I thrive from telling stories, and capturing pure moments for others no matter the occasion. Creating is what I am most passionate about along with making each photography experience as unique as the people I am working with. So let's get together and create some magic!!!